Halloween Costume Ideas 2017

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A very popular theme among boys is a train engineer. Your child can become a train engineer this Halloween with the right costume! You have a few different options with a Train Engineer costume, however, the key components are having blue and white striped overalls and a train-engineer hat! The second option, if there a huge Thomas the train fan, is to have them dress up as either Thomas, Percy or James.

Train Engineer Costume
A train engineer costume is rather simple with the right clothing. You will need a blue and white striped overalls, red hanker-chief and a matching train-engineer hat. The train engineer costume shown to the right includes an adjustable engineers cap, a red bandanna, full-length adjustable bib overalls and a pair of coordinating gloves. A great costume for any train fan! Check out all the details here.

A light version of the blue pin-stripe is also available here. This costume is also referred to as the Amtrak Train Engineer costume.

Thomas the Train Costume

Another option for a train costume is a Thomas the Train costume. The costume is a foam train overlay with an engineer cap. This costume is available in Thomas the Train, Percy and James.